1Q 2018 Finish-A-Long Goals

Okay, I am giving the Finish-A-Long another go. First, as a way to be accountable and finish some projects and, second, as a way to get back to blogging in a small way. No promises on either! So, here it goes:

Trying New Things

Full disclosure here – I’m a sucker for learning and recently I committed to the 2015 New Quilt Bloggers group hosted by Yvonne at Quilitng Jetgirl (I’m in her Quantum Quilters hive. Woot!), Cheryl at Meadow Mist Design, Stephanie at Late Night Quilter, and Terri Ann at Childlike Fascination. Wow, our hosts and the entire group is…

Firs in the Fog

I finally completed “Firs in the Fog”, my culminating project for a design class I took in 2012-13. The class covered design principles like scale, proportion, value, and balance. It really was an art class for quilters and for the final project we were to pull all the lessons together in a single work.

Anni Albers’ Orange Chair

When the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild issued the Binary Two Color Quilt Challenge in August 2013, I knew I would make a red and white quilt. Or a blue and white quilt. These classic two color combinations have a timeless graphic quality which I have always loved. Red is my favorite color and I already made a blue…