1Q 2018 Finish-A-Long Goals

Okay, I am giving the Finish-A-Long another go. First, as a way to be accountable and finish some projects and, second, as a way to get back to blogging in a small way. No promises on either!

So, here it goes:

No. 1: Lone Fir in the Fog


Quilting on “Lone Fir in the Fog” is finally underway

This project now has a title and is a holdover from my 1Q2016 FAL goals (yikes!). Started in a workshop with the incomparable Gwen Marston, I am finally quilting it. It will be finished with a faced binding (or at least that is the current plan).

No. 2: Embrace Chaos

Embrace Chaos

Embrace Chaos quilt top hangs on the railing

Embrace Chaos is the result of a Seattle MQG workshop with Libs Elliot. Using dice to create block placement randomness, I followed Libs’ technique and expanded the quilt to sofa size. The color (or colour, for Libs) is inspired by a Target pillow. This one is with Dionne (dinglebobbins) for quilting. We came up with a great quilting plan and I cannot wait to get it back and start binding it.

No. 3: Embrace Chaos Cast-Offs and Extras Pillow


Extras and cut-offs from Embrace Chaos make a coordinating pillow

Do you always make just enough blocks for your project? Not me. I am one of those “make extras and use the cut-offs” kind of people. Making Embrace Chaos yielded a few extra blocks and many half-square triangle cut-offs. What to do? Make a pillow, of course.

No. 4: Seattle MQG 2017 Block of the Month

Seattle MQG Block of the Month 2017

Progress on my Seattle MQG  Minimal Day Sampler BOM 2017

My Seattle MQG Minimal Day Sampler Block of the Month 2017 is definitely my aspirational project for this quarter. As you can see by the pattern page place markers, I have not finished all the blocks and have a few to do. This project has been so much fun and I have been exploring a low contrast, quiet color palette. At a minimum, I plan to have an update for the 2Q2018 FAL list post.

Wish me luck!


13 thoughts on “1Q 2018 Finish-A-Long Goals

  1. What a great list! A couple near done, a small one, and an aspirational one….I DO wish you luck! Really anxious to see your Lone Fir in the Fog AND the quilting plan you & Dionne cooked up for Embrace Chaos. p.s. Welcome back to blogging!!

    • Thanks, Debbie! “Lone Fir in the Fog” is going to be one of those “looks bigger on Instagram” quilts. 🙂

    • Thank you, Helen! I’m looking forward to finishing that pillow and cuddling with it and the coordinating quilt on the couch!

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