Color Forms

ColorFormsSPAC InviteImagine my surprise to open my email and see this message:


“Thrilled to include a piece…” from me?! Whoa, I’m the one that is thrilled! Thank you Jessica! I am beyond honored.

The exhibit is at Seattle Pacific Art Center, 3 West Cremona, Seattle, WA with the opening reception on October 8, 2015 from 5:00-7:00. The collaborative installation for this exhibit is curated by Seattle Modern Quilt Guild member and SPU alumni Jessica Vehorn and features several awesome quilters (Jessica was right in her descripton!). The exhibit is open from October 5 through November 27 during gallery hours – Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Click this link for the information on Facebook.

Color Forms installation in progress. Photo courtesy of SPAC via Facebook

Color Forms installation in progress. Photo credit: SPAC via Facebook

The quilts complement the main event which is the works of these artists. I’m glad I sent pictures of my quilts which I thought fit Jessica’s vision before clicking to see what the artists were up to. Amazing! See for yourself:

Julie Alpert

Paul Komada

Nicholas Sistler

Kate Sweeney

The quilters Jessica lined up are amazing as well. Now you’ll understand why I’m honored (and just a wee bit intimidated!). Here’s the company my quilts will be keeping:

Anna Boenish | Wynde Dyer | Colleen Elizabeth | Season Evans | Zak Foster | Hillary Goodwin | Ruby Hoppen | Chawne Kimber | Matt Macomber | Jeffrey Maris | Ara Jane Olufson | Stephanie Ruyle | Shelby Marie SkumanichBlair Stocker | Jessica Vehorn (our fearless curator)

Churn Dash 1: Polychrome, 2014

Churn Dash 1: Polychrome, 30 inches by 36 inches, 2014

Jessica asked for small non-representational quilts and I sent her photos of several finished quilts. She selected Churn Dash 1: Polychrome and Mount Rainer.


Mount Rainier, 32 inches by 20 inches, 2014

I was working on a new piece and asked Jessica if she would consider it as well. Lucky me! Jessica said yes to Inexplicable Obsession: B. G. Yorvi as well.

Inexplicable Obsession: B.G. Yorvi, 9 inches by 21 inches, 2015

Inexplicable Obsession: B.G. Yorvi, 9 inches by 21 inches, 2015

Follow Jessica/GildStudio on Instagram and SPAC on Facebook to watch the installation progress. I hope to see you at the opening reception on October 8. You can tell me how to improve my bio (much harder to write than I imagined) and “oooh, aaah” with me at everyone’s artwork.

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