Why and Y-Seams

I make quilts. Yesterday a friend asked me about my quilting. It wasn’t the regular “how long did that take” question. He asked to see what I was currently working on. Then he asked, “who’s it for?”

“Ummmm….No one in particular.”

Is that weird? Making quilts which don’t have a designated home? To create just for the fun of creating?

I’ve recently been thinking about the size of my fabric stash, the list of unfinished objects, people I haven’t given a quilt, and time. And, for all but the last item, I’ve been thinking why… Why so much fabric, why the long list of projects, why not gift more quilts. Why and what to do about these questions.

Until I come to resolution to those questions, I’m focusing on finishing a “Weight of Love” quilt which I started in a Libs Elliot QuiltCon 2016 workshop. The workshop was called “For the Love of Y-Seams”. How very appropriate.

And I’m going to give it to my dad.


7 thoughts on “Why and Y-Seams

    • Thank you. The funny thing is that now that I’ve decided to give this quilt to my dad, I’m more motivated to finish it. There might be something to this gifting thing after all.

  1. I get that question ALL the time! And no, I obviously see nothing wrong with creating to create, but I do love to give quilts away, and cool this one is going to your dad! 😉 BTW I was so pleased to see you in my blogreader today!!

    • I’m so happy to hear that you get the same question! Gifting more often is something I need to embrace. And, awwww, thanks for your last comment – just the thing to make me write more often!

  2. My husband always asks “who is that for ?” There is no correct answer , for somebody else and he thinks , so much effort . For me and he thinks , where is she putting that . And for nobody in particular gets a blank look too !

    • Funny! You are definitive on to something. My DH is similar except that he wants to keep everything. Maybe that part of my problem.

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